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"To be traditional today is to be radical. For the most radical and rebel thing to say is that our fathers and their fathers knew better. Today radicalism has become a tradition in the sake of establishing something that has always been the fringe. It is in this vein that I know that to be atypical means to uphold values that should be typical but are not. I accept that now I am fringe but not because I was born to be or that I desire to be. Rather that my hopes and dreams along with my beliefs has been put there.  The safe life in today's world is to accept everything but the truth and the traditions of that truth that have been so for a very long time. " 
                                                                                                                    John L. Moseman  


Hello there my name is John and this my official website for my blog. I warn you this may not be the kind of stuff you think you need to ponder about but you should.

I came up with the title for a simple reason I have an interesting take on things and I also like to talk about a lot of stuff.

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